The Days of a Food Server

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Ever been in a restaurant and get upset over the lack of service provided? How about being so upset with your server that you did not even tip them? Well a lot of people have been in this situation, but maybe you should try being in the position of the server. Being a server in food service is one of toughest jobs out there. Servers have several items to deal with on a daily basis; rude customers, lack of pay, and benefits. These all make for a long day of work. One of the hardest things I had to deal with as a server was the customers that looked down at you and made it a point to be rude. When working as a server you notice that you get to know the types of people in the world, and you begin to categorize them. I always had three sets of people that would cause most of my irritations. First, you have the very important person that can’t handle taking one minute from their cell phone to place the order and roll their eyes at you every time you walk up to the table. Then, you have the person that is getting irritated because you haven’t been up to the table to take their order, but continue to look at the menu. Finally, you have the worst group of rude customers that sit at the table and as you’re walking by all you see is a hand go in the air and a quick snap of the fingers as if you are their dog. As you serve, you have to always think in your head, the customer is always right. How about that pay? Well as I think in my head everyday that the customer is always right, you have to make sure you go out of your way to provide high satisfaction to even the rudest customer or that electricity is getting shut off. According to Alexander Eichler of The Huffington Post, only 13.5% of American food service workers are able to be considered making a living wage. In most states, the minimum wage for a server that makes tips is four-dollars less than the minimum

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