The Day My Life Changed Essay

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Ashley Armstrong 2/15/2011 Essay Paper English Class The Day That Changed My Life By Ashley C Armstrong ENC1101-12 Essay Paper 1 Armstrong When people say the day that changed my life you automatically think that something good has happened to them so you are happy with them. The thing is it’s not always like that though you do have people that have bad things happened to them when they say those six words to you. Trust me I know how it felt when it happens because I’ve been through that same thing when everything you had planned for seems to be out the window. If you work hard to get it back and go after it even harder you could and can have a second chance at what you wanted because I did and I never looked back after that one day. The day that changed my life I remember that day like it happen yesterday because it’s something that I won’t ever forget when I almost failed high school and didn’t graduate. It all happened on this day May 17, 2007 two weeks before graduation to be exact where all the seniors were ready to get out of high school. That day stuck to me because it was the day of my English final and I was very confident that I was going to do great on it with out a doubt in my mind, man was I really wrong with that one. Mrs. Koser my English teacher handed me my test and I left the room to take it else where the first part of the final was easy, until I got to the essay part. I had to choose one of William Shakespheres books to write a short essay about I choose Romeo and Juliet. I finished and returned to class to wait for the last bell of the day to ring to go home. By the time I had got home from school my teacher had graded my final and called my mom and told her I failed my final and I will not be graduating. When my mother told me all of what my teacher had

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