The Day Like Any Other Day Essay

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The Day Just Like Any Other Day It was a beautiful afternoon. The spring breeze was crisp and the bright green leaves swayed gently in the treetops. The sun hung high in the sky warming my face as I waited for the bus to take my brother and me home from school. Every blade of grass and newly bloomed flower was indicative of new life; the changing of seasons. We boarded the bus with all of the other kids just like we had so many times before. Everything about this day seemed so much like any other day. The ride home was loud with laughter and grade school gossip. The ride to the bus stop wasn’t a long one, but it was always entertaining. The school bus stopped a couple blocks away from the one bedroom apartment I shared with my brother and my mom. It was located in a low income housing district in a seedy part of town. My parents had separated a few years ago leaving my mother to support my brother and me alone. It wasn’t much, but it was what she could afford. It was home. As we walked the short distance to the apartment, I stopped to pick some of the bright yellow dandelions that had sprung up on the side of the road. I always like dandelions even though my mom said they were weeds. My brother yelled at me to hurry up and I ran to catch up with him. We climbed the stairs to the empty apartment. It would be a few hours before my mom would be home from work. My brother turned on the television and played “Super Mario Brothers” on the Nintendo my mother had saved up for to give us for Christmas. I sat in the papasan chair nestled in the corner of the room and began my math homework. I must’ve fallen asleep in that big comfy chair. I was awakened by the loud tapping of a wedding ring on the door. My mother was home now, but I was unaware of how long she’d been there. My brother was no longer playing the Nintendo. He had gone somewhere with his friends. The smell

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