The Day I Was Born

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Title: The Day I was born General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of specific events that happened on March 22, 1994, the day I was born. Introduction I. Attention getter: To many of you March 22, 1994 isn’t a memorable date or relevant to you at all, but for me it is very special. March 22, 1994 was the day I was born. II. Thesis/Central Idea: Many things happened on March 22, or around March 22, 1994 dealing with pop culture, entertainment, and history. III. Speaker Credibility: Being born on March 22, 1994 and doing research about that day I find it important that I inform you all about it. IV. Reason to listen: I’m sure many of you don’t know much about the day March 22, 1994 and I am glad I will get to let you all know about some fun facts that happened on that day, my birthday. V. Preview: Today I would like to discuss National Football League rule changes, Music, Movies, Death, and History. Connective: Although my birthday is March 22, 1994 a significant change with sports occurred on March 22, 1994 as well. I would like to begin with the NFL. Body I. Many of you all watch NFL football and have a favorite team. A. NFL Football had a rule change. 1. According to, “One major change would allow teams to try for a two-point conversion after a touchdown. The ball would be placed on the two-yard line for the try, rather than the three-yard line as in college rules.” 2. also states that another rule would be implemented allowing the opposing team to take possession after a missed field goal at the spot of the field goal attempt. 3. These new rules were put into place in order to increase the chances of teams scoring a touchdown. For those of you are into football, every time you see a play that involves these rules you will now know the day they were implemented. Connective: Along with
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