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Imperative Verbs Imperative verbs are also known as ‘bossy verbs’- they tell people what to do! e.g. close the door; empty the bin; eat your dinner! TASK ONE: Look at the words below- colour in the words that could be used as imperative verbs. TASK TWO: Look at the sentences below; and think of some imperative verbs that you could put at the beginning in order to make an instruction. 1. ______________right at the traffic lights. 2. ______________the juice into the glass. 3. ______________the kettle in before you use it. 4. ______________on the television please. 5. ______________the window; it’s very cold. Using Imperative Verbs- Instructions for your Alien Making a sandwich You are going out to school and your little alien will be left at home, all alone. To stop them from going hungry you decide to leave some instructions for how to make a sandwich. In order to do these you need to think of what connectives you should use. Here is a list to help you… |Firstly |Secondly |Thirdly |Finally | |Next |Then |After |Meanwhile | You also will need to use imperative verbs. Here is a list to help you… |Put |Add |Mix |Chop | |Slice |Place |Cut |Spread | |Open |Serve |Season |Get | Now, choose the type of sandwich you want them to make, and write your instructions… |Sandwich Recipe

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