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The Dating Game For the last two weeks I have been enjoying a book that is geared towards self improvement. The book I selected was Be Your Own Dating Service written by Nina Atwood, M.Ed, L.P.C. It is important to recognize why I chose this particular book. I will also be describing a summary of the main ideas, a description of a part of the book that has meaning for me, and a plan for how I will use this information in my life. As you may know there are thousands of books out there to choose from, however, I had no idea what book to choose for this assignment. So I went to the professor in hopes of getting some suggestions of good books to read. Of these suggestions from the professor I chose Nina Atwood’s Be Your Own Dating Service, because it’s all about starting and strengthening relationships. This caught my attention because I am presently in a long term relationship that I am enjoying and would like to stay in. The book does mention how relationships do have their ups and downs like a roller coaster. This is one of those things that are to be expected in a relationship, most people I believe only hope that they are strong enough to get through these times. For me I wanted to see if there are better and other ways to work through these downs in the roller coaster. Also I was hoping it could help me help my relationship progress more positively. The book is not just a general relationship book in the sense that it does basically specialize in helping you find and maintain a healthy relationship. One of the ways the book describes finding a partner is to essentially go out and find someone that we are compatible with and like. But not to just sit around waiting and hoping for Mr./Mrs. right to come sweep you off you feet and hope to live happily ever after. For most this scenario is not the case. Instead we have to find someone that we believe we can

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