The Darkness Essay

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There is a secret. I'm just going to hint at it. I'm going to trickle the information out one scrap at a time. This whole first paragraph has to be easy to digest and it must make the reader want to continue reading. Answer the compelling question, placed in the reader's mind, in that opening line. But there are more secrets. Can you get the reader beyond the first paragraph? Do you know how to do that? Okay, we're onto the second paragraph. How are you going to fill this one? Well, it is still the first page. Most readers will stick with a story for at least the first page - but if it gets boring... So, bring in something new: a vivid description, perhaps. Something that the central character is doing that is unusual - like hanging about in pouring rain. Why would anyone stand in pouring rain, unless there was some important reason that compelled them to? But what was that about a vivid description? Perhaps describe a scene that was desirable: a sunny beach on a tropical isle, a luxurious hotel room, a fantastic vista across beautiful countryside. Or maybe go the other way and describe the sort of squalor or carnage that most people rarely experience. Don't forget to write over this text - it won't look good in your story. Oh, and those secrets I mentioned before, I'm keeping those to myself for now, although maybe you've already formed your own ideas. Well, you made it to the end of the first page. But does this first page set the scene for your story? Have you introduced the protagonist, or someone who will have a major impact on the protagonist's story? Maybe it's an event you have described rather than a character. If the protagonist isn't mentioned yet, you might want to think about how to flag up the fact that what is happening will have a big impact on someone yet to enter the story. And if your reader gets this far and says 'so what' you might want to

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