The Darkness Essay

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Descriptive piece – THE DARKNESS I stood there, my legs unmoving, my eyes closed my ears alert. The smell of burning wood and polymer wafted into my nose. Taking a walk down memory lane, my mind turned the knob to one of the darkest memories hidden deep down. Like a movie, it played. A white house with a clay roof, surrounded by cropped green grass and a small vegetable patch. Standing a few feet away, I wondered if it was normal to have a ring of flames dancing manically around the house. The flames grew, fuelled by the grass and finally nipped at the edges of the house. Soot blackened the pearl white walls and the flames crackled at the new fuel. Within seconds all I could see was orange, red and yellow greedily swallowing the house making sure it wasted none. The clay roof had collapsed following the brick pillars; all submitting to the ultimate source of power. Immobile, I was, for the next few minutes. A cat with piercing green eyes and a velvet black coat, stared at me. Coincidental or not, my mind had believed that the cat was the cause of bad luck. Finally it had sunk in, I dropped to my knees and dug my hands through the soft ground. My dead wife’s spirit lived there. The only reason I had continued to live. Black and grey, smoke was everywhere. Maria, my love, had given me a chance to escape. Choking and gasping, I sprinted as fast as I could to the flaming house. Neighbors filled the streets, the skies were starless and the heat was unbearable. Everything seemed louder now, the crickets, the howling dogs, shocked screams of everyone. But I had only one thing on my mind- to jump into the dancing fires so it would put an end to my misery and take me back to where my heart belongs. Fate was probably very jealous that I was about to be set free so it did the only thing that it thought was sensible- it tripped me. I had lost my balance, causing me to meet

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