The Dark Knight Movie Review

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The Dark Knight After the extremely successful “Batman Begins”, Christopher Nolan has returned with the second movie in his Batman trilogy: The Dark Knight. In this wellconceived, action-packed film, Batman (Christian Bale) will have to make decisions he has never had to make before. His arch-enemy, The Joker (Heath Ledger), will try to turn Gotham City, from a place where criminals scurry like mice in fright of the Batman, to a city where anarchy and chaos rule the streets. The initial aim of The Joker was to destroy the mob: “This town needs a better class criminal”, but he will soon decide against this, substituting his original plan for a new one: bringing out the dark side of people to prove that even the greatest hero can become a villain. To execute his plan, The Joker will create social situations, or ʻexperimentsʼ, as he refers to them. For example, announcing that he will blow up a hospital if the person that was about to reveal Batmanʼs true identity had not been killed in the next hour; or giving to a group of criminals on a boat the detonator to a bomb located on another boat full of ordinary citizens, and to the ordinary citizens, giving the detonators to the bomb located on the criminalsʼ boat. Meanwhile, the new District Attorney: Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), is ridding the streets of Gothamʼs criminals, with the help of Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman). Dent is now considered the “White Knight” of Gotham City, but little does he know that he is about to become the centerpiece of the Jokerʼs plan. Seeing Dentʼs ʻrise through the ranksʼ, The Joker will try to prove that even Gothamʼs White Knight can become a threat to the city that he swore to protect against evil doers. And he said so himself: “Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. One of the the main themes in this film is the maturing of Batman. In the

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