The Dark Childhood Chapter 1: Awakening

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The Dark Brotherhood Chapter 1: Awakening You awaken on the floor. It is cold, and as you rise you realize you are in jail. You wipe your face, and walk to the door. As your vision adjusts to the dim light the man in the cell across from you calls out to you, “Hey Dunmer!” You rise to greet the man, but choose to stay silent for he does not seem friendly. You shoot him a dirty look for calling you that name. He whispers “The Guards are coming! This one is a drunk, maybe you can snatch the key from him!” You nod in agreement and bring your finger up to your mouth as if to signal silence. As expected the drunken guard stumbles by, muttering to himself, you snatch his key and stash it away. The man across from your cell says “Good work Dunmer, I didn't think your Dark elf kind were…show more content…
Anxiously awaiting Lucien's arrival, you have a fitful sleep mulling over what he might think of you. Waking up the next morning you sense a dark presence is approaching, as though all of the warmth has been sucked out of the room. Appearing out of thin air as promised, Lucien Lachance stands over you, you rise as he says, “I see that the deed is done, how do I know you ask? You will come to know that the Dark Brotherhood knows a great deal of things. Concern yourself not with this, for now you are a member of our family.” “My Life for the Brotherhood!” you exclaim. “Indeed, for the killing of Rufio was the signing of a contract. The manner of execution the parchment, and his blood, the ink.” he says, “I am a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood, I oversee one branch on our family, that branch is the one you are to join.” “I will serve willingly my master” you say. He goes on, “You are to now go to the town of Cheydinhal and enter the abandoned house at the east side of the town. Enter the basement and attempt to open the Black Door.” You remain silent and are sure to remember every detail of his
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