The Dark Ages of Rock

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1959-1963 was considered the Dark Ages of Rock due to the wild and rebellious rockers somehow being replaced by polite and wholesome teen idols. We have Elvis enlisted in the service, Buddy Holly dead, and Jerry Lee Lewis has alienated a good portion of the US and UK. People such as Pat Boone and Fabian were being marketed to youth and, for whatever reason, the youth loved them. Rock was now bubble wrapped in a clean, safe, boring package as opposed to the edgy rock pioneers. On top of all of this, broadcasters, record stores, and more were catering more towards "good music", more than anything else. This was an attack on edgy Rock and Roll. But was this time period really a dark age? There were awful artists like Fabian and Pat Boone selling millions of records while some of the people they ripped off fell off the charts. I personally feel the title "Dark Age of Rock" is spot on, solely due to the teen idol phenomenom. I'm not going to complain out the music they put out, even though is was pretty generic and dull, everyone likes certain styles, it's the merchandising and marketing I can not stand. The Dark Age of Rock gave birth to products – photogenic, wholesome young people created solely to make bank off of teenage consumers. They just took an attractive, white, and clean youngster and gave him simple lyrics to sing, (usually badly), and threw a bunch of money at promotion, ads, and exposure. Kid's can't do much when the only thing they hear on the radio is what paid the most to be there. Take a look at Fabian – "Turn Me Loose" - v=qacdlN7UqWs Generic, boring, and lacking any style, his only hope was a team of people forcing him onto the youth. These teams just needed a pretty face to jip teens out of money. Even today this is how it goes for the most part. Find a pretty boy to sing about love and tween issues, and then the tweens
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