Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of The Internet

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The dangers of the Internet. Nowadays, Internet has become one of the most powerful means that everyone can use for a lot of purposes such as to communicate, to exchange documents and to be informed. In this enormous ocean of information there are a huge number of dangers. We have to take into account that as always there is other side of the coin . Most people do not know at all how many dangers and trouble could be found surfing on the Internet. Children risk to pay a high price using this tool and adults as well, and there is a great possibility to see our privacy violated. Leaving children alone in front of a screen means to leave them in the centre of a big city at midnight. Parents sometimes are not able to understand that the use of this potentially dangerous mean signifies to open a window into real life. Unfortunately, children do not have the right judgement to decide about if what they are doing is right or not. Crimes are perpetrated by people that have particular…show more content…
A lot of illegal programmes inside computers gather information about, for instance, web sites that we have visited, information that we have searched and they send this information to organisations that use these data to understand our preferences in terms of our political idea or our sexual preference. Consequently, our freedom is threatened by these organisations and people have fought for years and even dead to obtain it. In conclusion, I do not want to spread fear towards who is about to use this incredible mean of communication but I wanted to make you aware of dangers that is possible to meet in this “virtual world”. Also because we can receive a lot of damages by our unconscious behaviour and not only in terms of money. Knowing exactly what we do can help us to avoid problems and perhaps regret something that we have done for a long time. Nothing is at it seems. Be conscious about what you are about to

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