The Danger of Television

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Television for children is a bad influence on their physical activities. Children do have a difficult time working in school or doing exciting things outdoors, playing with their friends. Chatting with others by letting them watch too much television can lead them to develop a disorder that can affect the brain in their bodies. Not only do children have the difficulties staying focused in school. Children who do have a higher risk of brain damage and can cause some damage to their eyes. There are at least 259 infants in the medical study and there are 249 are or were exposed to media on a regular basis daily. Children that are at the age of at less than six years old have a much greater risk, who watched two hours a day of screen time. They can have learning difficulties in school when they watched television or being on a computer or playing video games. Children influence their parents by having them spend money on them by getting new games for their television that have their game system hooked up. Children influence their parents by having them spend or by convincing them to buy things that the media has portrayed as “cool” (2011). Children recognize name-brand products at an early age because they see them in the media when they are watching television. Children see different commercials that have products that they want from the television. When you think about television viewing can also be a harmful for our little ones at the age below two years old. There are some television channels that don’t give out any useful stuff for our toddlers. But there are some educational channels that are good for infants and toddlers. The show’s that have educational are Dora the explorer, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Team Umizoomi. These shows for infants and toddlers learn numbers and ABC’s. It might lead to many disorders in the children’s lack of sleep,
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