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Hybrid #6: Waterlife The Great Lakes supply drinking water to more than 8 million Canadians and provides numerous farmers with water for irrigation, not to mention the shipping ports used to import/export many goods. Needless to say, the health of the Great Lakes is vital to the livelihood of many Canadians and our Economy. The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement is a landmark piece of legislation agreed upon by Canada and the U.S. to protect this vital natural resource. Faced with new threats, Canada and the U.S. have recently signed a modified agreement to protect these waters. You can read about the agreement here The National Film Board of Canada hosts a web site called Waterlife; the site is “an interactive journey through the last great supply of fresh water on earth” (NFB: Films for Change). The site allows you to tour Canada’s Great Lakes and learn about the issues affecting waters from Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean. Issues are organized under themes that begin with “Water is”. For this assignment: ➢ Access the web site at ➢ Under the heading “Water is” read/listen to “Home”; this sets the context for the information presented on the site ➢ Under the heading “Water is”, select and read/listen to the issues presented under a minimum of 8 different themes. Identify the selected themes and provide a summary of the key points presented under each. ➢ Has your opinion of the health/ condition of the Great Lakes and the surrounding ecosystems changed based on the information presented on the site? Explain. ➢ Do you feel that the issues identified, and the condition of the Great Lakes, are connected to you? Explain why or why not. ➢ Do you believe that the new amended Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

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