The Daily Show Essay

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Venie Pham Professor Litton Writing 39B 21 October 2012 Rough Draft The Daily Show is an anomaly from the usual 24-hour news channels, and uses a plethora of rhetorical techniques to obtain the attention of young viewers who do not normally watch the news. The host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, parodies a news channel with the flashy intros and his professional appearance that imitates a newscaster. The use of sarcasm, profanity, and strange forms of diction compared to regular news channels makes the younger audience laugh and keep them intrigued, as well as help them understand and relate to the politics of today. The Daily Show uses its rhetorical humor to tackle the ambiguous side of politics and portray to the cynical audience its credibility. Stuart satirizes news channels to appeal to this cynical audience, who have lost trust in the media to deliver accurate and quality news. Obtaining news can come from many sources like traditional news channels or the internet, but most of the time it is distorted. A video was leaked in October 2012, with Romney saying that he has lost interest in gaining the votes of 47% that are dependent on Obama care and there was an immense amount of controversy over this video. In the segment from the “Daily Show,” called “Chaos on Bull Shit Mountain,” Jon Stewart displayed the leak video on his show and described to the public what Romney truly means. Fox News’ anchors and pundits try to defend Romney and brush off his comment as something that he really did not mean. Jon Stewart denotes Fox as “Romney Campaign Head Quarters,” and relates everything that Fox’s cast said to “Turds.” He uses this ridiculous symbol to signify Fox as an unreliable source that is contaminated with dirty bias. Then, Stewart analyzes in a concise and fast pace sentence to Fox, “You’re looking and hearing the cynical condescending plutocratic
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