The Curious Incident Of The Dog Essay

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Reading through this book, I feel it is clear that the author intended to show the depth of the protagonist’s character. Christopher is a young man who, although highly gifted with mathematics, has trouble with social interaction, largely due to being autistic. He thinks very logically, and has an unfaltering moral stance. Christopher prefers order over anything, and although he has difficulty feeling empathy for others, he is able to love and appreciate those close to him. The first and most obvious few traits of Christopher to be discussed here are his logical point of view and predilection for mathematics and order. Christopher highly values order, but is not afraid to be arbitrary at times, as he feels this is a necessity in life. The book he narrates is ordered in chapters labelled with prime numbers. This is an example that highlights Christopher’s liking of and preference for mathematics and order. Christopher also takes pride in the way he orders his thoughts. For example, in this quote, Christopher talks about why he feels he can remember everything so easily: "My mind is like a film. That is why I am really good at remembering things," (Haddon, 76). He goes on to state that his mind is like a machine that is capable of recording images and playing them at any time, akin to a DVD player. This sense of order that Christopher feels proud of shows how his mind works and part of what he values in life. The second notable aspect of Christopher is his strong sense of morality. Although, as previously mentioned, he is unable to relate with other people and understand their points of view, he understands concepts like trust and care. Christopher’s relationships within the book are founded almost entirely on trust. Those that Christopher feels close to are those who he has deep trust for. However, when Christopher discovers that trust has been broken, he withdraws
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