The Curious Dog Essay

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Themes in novels are very significant for the reader to understand and appreciate the true meaning of the text. In the unique novel ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog’ written by Mark Haddon, the common theme through out the whole of the story is difference, particular the difference between Christopher Boone’s personality and characteristics and that of other people without the condition Aspergers, that Christopher has. Narrative conventions such as characterisation, point if view, use of pictorial diagrams and language and communication have been used by Haddon to accurately and effectively present difference as a major aspect of the novel. Characterisation constructs characters to not only help the reader understand the nature and physical features of the characters but also helps the author express the themes of the story. Mark Haddon has used characterisation to establish Christopher as a character who is the main representation of the novels theme, difference. Christopher is very different from other teenagers due to his condition Aspergers, however, this is not always a negative aspect. Aspergers makes Christopher think extremely logically, he never fails to notice the fine details that others disregard which makes him highly intelligent. He can find the answer to some of the most difficult maths questions in the world. Unfortunately because of his logical thinking it leaves him as a social outcast, especially when it comes to interacting with others and interpreting their emotions. On page 3 Christopher explains how he uses drawings of faces with different emotions to help him understand how people feel. “I got Siobhan to draw lots of these faces and then write down next to them exactly what they meant. I kept the piece of paper in my pocket and took it out when I didn't understand what someone was saying”. This example shows how Christopher faces
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