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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Review

  • Submitted by: kaffee
  • on February 28, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button took more than 10 years and millions of dollars to complete. Obviously, the directors must have banked on the film being a great evocative epic, of the likes of Forrest Gump. With pretty poster boy Brad Pitt, dashing actresses and dramatic visual effects, the film certainly is one worth watching and criticizing about. What of the story and intellectual significance of the flick? Does it entertain and stimulate the sophisticated, provoking and questioning sentiments? Or is it just another Brad Pitt ogling event for ardent fans or a Meet Joe Black replicate?

For one, the story idea of reverse aging is one dynamic enough to intrigue. Most viewers would have known, that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is actually a short story written by Fitzgerald, one of the greatest American Novelist of the jazz age. Nevertheless, for those who have read the story itself, the movie would have presented itself as a shock or total displacement as it played on. Well, at least the poster was honest enough as it acknowledges the movie being inspired, not based on the short story. At first sight, the movie seems to be a flop, a Forrest Gump spoof, capitalizing on the Fitzgerald’s creativity of an idea, and turning it into a lovey-dovey hullabaloo depiction of the big but banal theme of life. On closer look though, the story idea proves to be of such luscious interest that minds will still be accosted and philosophies will still flow, however the plot is being altered.

Light sparkles and perspiration trickles once one is being posed the question of, ‘what if you can get younger day by day, instead of getting older’? Light sparkles, because you could have a maximization of life since you could look old enough to experience all the diversity of life at an age where you would be normally restricted, and you could look young and feel strong enough to accomplish things you want to when you have the wisdom to do so. Yet, perspiration trickles once...

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