The Curious Case If Benjamin Button

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Hanna Boyd The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The author starts the story in the first person. His story begins in the summer of 1860, with Roger Button and his wife, a socially prominent family in Baltimore. Mrs. Button is having her first baby, and Mr. Button is just arriving at the hospital to meet his child for the first time. Mr. Button is nervous. He hopes his child is a boy so he can send him to Yale. Mr. Button meets Doctor Keene on the steps of the hospital. Doctor Keene is irate and flustered and declares that he wants nothing more to do with the Button family. He quickly drives away. Roger Button goes into the hospital, even more nervous than he was before. The nurse gives him the same attitude as the Doctor. By the time he finally gets to see his child, he sees what all the fuss is about. Mr. Button’s child is a 70-year-old man wrapped in a blanket and crammed into a crib. When Benjamin sees Mr. Button he asks if he is his father and Benjamin wants to be taken out of the crib. Mr. Button thinks this is some sort of joke, but the irate nurse assures him it is not. Roger Button is distraught and worries mostly about what people will say. The nurse informs Mr. Button that he will have to take his rather embarrassing child home, as soon as possible. As this is going on Benjamin complains that he’s hungry and that the noise of all these screaming babies is bothering him. Benjamin complains that he needs some clothes other than this blanket. Finally, Mr. Button leaves to buy his son some appropriate clothing. At the store, Mr. Button asks for some clothes for his new son, who is about six hours old. Roger then tells the worker that his son is very large and baby clothes just won’t work. He begins to look in the boys’ department and still doesn’t see clothes large enough for his son. He ends up buying a dress suit. Back at the
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