The Cultural Influence of Media.

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The cultural influence of media. Whether news programs, nature shows, sitcoms, or movies, they all have had an effect on culture in America. They provide information and can shape our beliefs, and lifestyles. All forms of visual media influences what we think, believe, buy, and how we live our lives. The cultural influence of television and movies are as similar to each other as they are to the other forms of media, with one major difference, you can physically see what results they are wanting you to see, without using your imagination. Television itself has a big effect on our culture because it is readily available, and it is in almost every home. Through the television and movies we see what others value, what others believe, the things that others use, and we decide whether or not we have the same values, or beliefs as others, or want to use what others do. The issue of race is a big issue that television programs and movies can influence. Back in the beginning of movies, and television, only whites were allowed to participate in them, most characters of other colors, were actually whites made up to be whatever color they were needing. Today though, we see all colors on the television and movie screens. Though we have come a long way in regards to race we still see signs of racism in our daily lives, and on television and the movies. They have also influenced our current state of not being an isolationist style country anymore, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor the government enlisted the help of Hollywood to help with the war effort, the result was influencing the American citizens to support the war over seas. One of the greatest influences that movies and television has had on the culture is of materialistic. People see clothes, cars, food etc. on movies and television, and they want them. Sponsors have found that they can have their products placed in

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