The Cultural and Political Turn in Translation Studies Essay

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The Cultural and Political Turn in Translation Studies Table of Contents Introduction 1. Cultural Turn in Translation Studies 1.1 Andre Lefevere 1.2 Lawrence Venuti 2. Translation and Gender: Women’s Voice in Translated Literature 3. Postcolonial Theory and Criticism of Western Feminists 3.1 Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak 4. The Establishment of a Marxist Literary Theory: Ahmad Aijaz Conclusion INTRODUCTION The interest of cultural studies in translation has ultimately taken translation studies away from linguistics analysis and painstaking source text - target text comparison, and brought it in contact with other disciplines such as political science, history and so on. Linguistic theories being sidelined, attention was focused on translation as an instrument of cultural transfer and an ideological action governed either by the translator himself or the powerful individuals and institutions of the mentioned culture. In the first chapter, we will analyze the move from translation as text to translation as culture and politics, the three factors Lefevere sets forth that control the translation strategies and the interaction between poetics, ideology and translation and Venuti’s theory in favor of foreignization as a translation strategy. As a part of cultural studies, feminist theories in translation studies will be our next topic. The feminist approach to translation strategies by the theorist Sherry Simon will be referred to. How the feminist theory interact with postcolonial theory and how it has been criticized by the theorist Spivak will be handled in the third chapter. In the last chapter, Ahmad Aijaz’s Marxist approach in the establishment of a literary theory and his criticism towards poststructuralism and West Marxism will be briefly unveiled. 1. Cultural Turn in Translation Studies

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