The Cult of True Womanhood Essay

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“The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820-1860” was published in 1966 by Barbara Welter. In this article the author describes the characteristics of the “True Women” in the mid of 19th century in America. Females were label as religious, pure, domestic and obedience. This article was dedicated to only a small portion of women in the US society since this perfect woman was white, Christian, and middle-class. One of the most important characteristics of a woman during this century was her purity. Every young lady was educated to believe that the most important moment of her life was her wedding night where she will give her virginity to her husband. In this night she will offer her biggest treasure to her spouse meaning that she will be his and in that way she must please him in every aspect. If a female was not pure, she was not considering a woman but a lower from of being. Also, they will be rejected and will be seen as an outsider in their community. People did not even care if it they were rape since they will give them almost the same treated. Another important aspect of a “True Woman” was her devotion to religion because it was belief that this was her strength. Americans thought that a woman without it was impatient and unhappy. Furthermore, They use religion as a therapy to avoid inappropriate desires that even the most loyal lady could have. It also helps them to be in their home since it makes them honest and submissive. It was more important for a female to pray than to think as their intellectual can make them less devote to god. Women were completely dependent on their husbands because of their inferiority, so they were supposed to be extremely grateful with their couple for all the support that they give them. The best way to represent this support was by doing domestic chores and always being kind and compressive with them no matter if they

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