The Crusades Essay

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The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars that occurred during the Middle Ages. They lasted from the 11th century to the 13th century. The wars were between the Christians and Muslims over the holy city of Jerusalem. These wars were very tragic, many people died in these wars. Many Christians and Jews from Europe traveled to Jerusalem to fight to get Jerusalem back. The city of Jerusalem was considered a holy city by many religions. This caused the Crusades to start. Jerusalem for Christians was the place where Jesus was crucified and ascended to heaven. For Jews, it was the site of a ancient temple built by Solomon. For Muslims, it was the place where Muhammad ascended to heaven. In 600 CE , Arabs entered the city and took control. The Arabs allowed Christians and Jewish people to enter the city for worship. Christians and Jewish people could actually live in Jerusalem , as long as they paid taxes. In 1095 , a new group of Arabs took control of the city. They didn’t let Christians and Jews live or visit Jerusalem anymore. In 1095 , the first Crusade begun. Pope Urban II launched the battle to get Jerusalem back. Many Christians volunteered in this battle. Many Christians believed that this battle will be a sin. They also believed that God will forgive them because they recaptured Jerusalem. Many also volunteered because if you were a Crusader ,you didn’t have to pay taxes. Crusaders were from Western Europe. Knights were volunteers. It gave them a chance to show their fighting skills in battle. Knights enjoyed the battlefield and were good at fighting. They loved the chance to go to battle. Peasants volunteered to escape daily life. The Pope promised them if they died in battle they will ascend to heaven immediately.

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