The Crucible vs. McCarthyism

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Arthur Miller wrote “The Crucible”, during the age of McCarthyism; because he felt like during that time they were going through the same motions as the Salem Witch Trials. Senator Joseph McCarthy coined the name McCarthyism. McCarthyism was the post-medieval witch-hunt. “The Crucible” can be compared with McCarthyism because of the fact that each was accusing others of crimes, witchcraft and communism, both of which are very hard to prove. Abigail Williams (Miller) and Joseph McCarthy can also be compared, due to the fact that they too would accuse people of crimes; based on what they heard or thought that they had heard. The people accused of these crimes faced public discrimination, social standings were lost, and almost all lost their jobs. In both eras government officials abused their authority and power. In February 1950, Senator McCarthy had claimed that he had a list of 205 communist activists that worked in the state department. The charge was never proven, but got the attention of everybody. (Teaching with Documents) After he had gotten the attention of others, people started saying that they knew of Communist Activists also. In “The Crucible” the Putman family accuses Betty Parris of being ailed with some sort witchcraft. After this assumption, Tituba confesses to speaking to the devil and reveals that Salem is filled with witches. Soon after Tituba revealed this, the other girls that were involved also said they knew of witches in the village. Witchcraft is very hard to prove because of the fact that only the victim of the crime is the witness. In the trials that proceeded the accusation, all the judges had to go on was what the accuser said had happened. In the McCarthyism era, they also went by what they had heard from others, when they accused people. (Smikin) They would go by what man A had heard from man B about man C. Most people accused
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