The Crucible To The Color Of Water Analysis

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“Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to act in the presence of fear;” immortal words spoken by actor and karate master Bruce Lee. Lee’s portrayals of various movie characters, more often than not, expressed this very principle to American audiences. Courage seems to be a common, reoccurring theme in both modern and traditional American culture and it appears in many forms. Even literature throughout the years shows the subject of courage as one of importance to all age groups. From the 1600’s classic play, The Crucible, to The Color of Water in the turbulent 1960’s, all the way to the 2010, award winning Ship Breaker, courage is a topic of precedence in American writing. Courage seems almost ubiquitous in our society; a key…show more content…
society conflict. It also evokes, again, the importance of courage when facing conflict; in this case it shows courage in the face of adversity. Ruth is a white woman in the 60’s, a time of high racial tension, who marries a black man, twice, and mothers 12 mixed race children. In her society, and even to a lesser extent in today’s society, mixing races was severely looked down upon and caused her to be the victim of many injustices. But the remarkable thing about Ruth was…she didn’t care! Courage, in some forms, involves “thumbing one’s nose” to the typical ways of society and following your own way. Like John, Ruth chose to preserve her inner self and work towards her own interests. She faced many conflicts, all of them rooted deep in her own fears. It took courage for her to flee the south, from the only home and the only family she’d ever known, and it took just as much courage for her to defend the new family she created while living in New York. Ruth persevered despite the racial prejudices again her, her children and her husbands. Due to the need to be accepted, which is true of both the characters in The Crucible and today’s civilizations; many choose to fore go their own comforts for assimilation, submitting to their fears. But not Ruth; with her courage, she overcame it

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