The Crucible Reverend Hale Quotes Analysis

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Alexa R. Hayes Miss Hayes English 10A 1 November 2012 Which Reverend is the Better Reverend? By the end of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, it is clear that Reverend Hale is a better person than Reverend Parris because Hale acts with more integrity. That is, Reverend Hale does the right thing more often, especially when it is difficult to do so. Reverend Parris often fails to willingly do the right thing, and one time this happens is when he is caught in a lie by Governor Danforth. When John exposes the truth about the girls dancing in the forest, Parris is quick to speak up and call John’s character into question by accusing John of “blackening his name” in Salem (Miller 105). Parris does this so that he will look less guilty of lying…show more content…
(to be used with 2nd quote) trait This trait is also shown when… (to be used with 2nd quote) Transitions for beginning your explanations of your quotes: This quote shows that… This shows/demonstrates/portrays _____________’s ____________ because… character’s name trait Citations • Introduction/transition to quote “quote...................” (Miller Pg #). • Introduction/transition to quote mentioning Miller “quote……………….” (Pg #). *If you mention the author’s name in your introduction to the quote, you do not need to include his name in the citation. ----------------------- MLA style heading; double spaced Running header appears on each page in the actual space for the header; go to header/footer. Use the pg # button Title; centered, regular font, no formatting changes Topic Sentence= thesis statement; mentions author, title, character, trait, who is better Transition to 2nd character Explanation of quote/context Explanation of how quote relates to trait 2nd quote Explanation of how quote relates to

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