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Re-Viewing the Past A) The author the Black Robe explained that the movie may not be as a plausible account of the relationship between the Jesuit missionaries and the Indians. The entire knowledge on how the movie was going to be made was based on letters from missionaries to their superiors. There are also many inaccuracies in the story because the Indians knew how winter gets, so why would they go on a 1,500 journey in the middle of it when they were known not to leave their camp or stay far from it during winter. In The Crucible the movie shows that John was the one that falters by omitting the commandments against adultery, but in history facts it was actually Elizabeth's mistake. The movie did take some of the correct historic to…show more content…
The Black Robe movie insinuate that all the Indians were evil and that is what justified their extermination, which is why Ward Churchill a troversialist criticized the movie because he claimed to be part Indian and said that the movie was "a deliberate exercise in vilification". Most people know that is not true that not all Indians are evil, but putting that false information may change people's mind because it is a historical movie. I think people should make the movie with only the facts that they know are true and correct to make the movie. In the Crucible the director of the movie stated that John was the one that said the prayer wrong, but in fact it was Elizabeth and that for me should have changed the outcome of the story. Like my last statement, it would harm people's knowledge on history, even though it doesn't look like it has great importance it is the small details that always count. The movie of 1960 to me did harm the way people thought of Bowie that he wanted to abandon the Alamo while Travis insisted on staying when in fact, both men thought it essential to hold the Alamo. This wrong fact could change the way people thought of Bowie, because in the movie they made him look like a deserter because he wanted to abandon the

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