The Crucible: Literary Analysis

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The Crucible The connections being made in The Crucible that tie back to the McCarthyism can easily be seen. The similarities being made to the Communist hunt plays a huge role throughout this book. The characters in the book are experiencing the same thing as people that were being investigated to see if they were Communists. There are several things being compared such as: the unjustified evidence, people afraid of being accused, and the hostility shown. The social commentary that is in The Crucible helps you understand the McCarthyism shown in the book. However, innocent people were being accused of being communist and they did not have anything to do with it. In the book, Parris sees the girls dancing in the woods but he will not admit it. “Uncle, the rumor of witchcraft is all about”(Miller, 10). In this quote Abigail in The Crucible (published in 1952), tells Parris that they were accusing the girls of witchcraft because they were dancing in the woods. There was not proof that what the girls were doing was affiliated with witchcraft. “I saw Goody Hawkins with the devil” (51) the girls start naming off people to keep themselves out of trouble. This definitely could tie back to the McCarthy case because they were giving unjustified evidence. McCarthy was listing names of Communists but he had no proof behind it. Soon everyone in Salem finds out about the rumor and things start to get crazy. That is the moment when they start arresting people that did not have anything to do with the girls dancing in the woods. Mary Warren comes to tell Proctor “No sir, There be thirty-nine now”(59). In the McCarthy case they investigated and arrested thousands of people that they thought were Communists. The same thing is happening in Salem, the numbers of people they arrest eventually grows. The counter argument is that the setting takes in Salem, a religious
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