The Crucible- John Proctor

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John Proctor was the play’s tragic hero; being honest, upright, and dull-spoken, he was a good man, but one with a fatal secret. He was a very blunt-spoken and calm man. He was very peaceful and almost never turned to violence for any reason. Even with adversarial figures, he was slow to extreme anger. Though, if peaceful talk did not seem to solve problems when attempting to solve them maturely, he would continue to become angrier and angrier until eventually he might have used violence. At one time in the play, he threatened to whip his wife, Elizabeth when friendly discussion was not working. Proctor was probably always a soft-spoken man, and probably tended to keeping his thoughts in his head and to himself. One major mistake he made was having an affair with Abigail Williams, who was seventeen years of age at the time. And, similar to what was stated in the end of the first paragraph, he kept it to himself. Abigail began to be jealous of Elizabeth Proctor, and so the times of people accusing others of witchcraft began. That made John guilty of having a big role in firing up the witch trials in Salem. One good thing about John was that he was an upright man and stood up for what he believed for. Throughout much of the play, he kept that secret very deep inside of him and never talked about it with anyone. He felt horrible for doing it, and wished he could have undone his actions as they were very wrong and also against the laws of the town. One last good thing about Proctor was that he was an honest man. Towards the end of the witch trials, he publicly confessed his adulterated past about Abigail. Everything he told the court was of true nature and he did not intend to hide anything more. He signed his own written confession, denunciating the end of the witch trials. The only reasons he had not shared the truth with the court earlier in the play was
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