The Crucible: John Hale Analysis

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John Hale The Crucible is filled with many characters that are both round and flat. The round characters are characters that start with specific mindsets and ideas. As the story goes on these characters change and evolve as character. On the other hand, flat characters never change their ways of thinking and stay the same through the duration of the story. The character I have chosen to write about is Reverend John Hale. Reverend John Hale is a young and intelligent minister sent to Salem in order to investigate the uprising of witchcraft which has been offset in the town. John Hale is very knowledgeable and is very well learned in the topic of the devil and his witchcraft. In the beginning of the play John believes that all of the trouble in Salem is being caused by the devil John Hale then grows further throughout the play and sees that the girls had really lied to everyone in order to protect themselves. When John Hale arrives in Salem a sense of hysteria awakens in town. Many Citizens start asking questions that were once overlooked like the reading of strange books however, since witchery came to the town, they have been treated as serious matters and John Hale is the one they are coming to. An example of this is when Giles Corey comes to John and tells him of the strange books his wife is reading. “COREY: …Martha, my wife. I have waked at night many times and found her in a corner, readin’ of a book. Now what do you make of that? HALE: Why, that’s not necessarily…” (page 21) In this passage John Hale has just come into Salem and Giles Corey is just inquiring about his wife reading strange books that he claims she is hiding from him. This normally would’ve just been a strange occurrence but Giles now has John Hale to ask because he is an expert in the matter. He means no wrong in asking these questions and does not mean to accuse his wife of

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