The Crucible Context Essay

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I stand before you today not trying to convince you that the actions taken by wiki leaks were heroic, nor try and justify them. I do not speak to you today, to plea for our innocence nor do I plea for your understanding. I am only here today, to reminisce. We grow up believing that honesty is to be respected and expected and that corruption is to be rejected and scorned. We are reminded of our presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and that justice would be served to those who had wronged. We grow up looking up to leaders, leaders who shape our values and beliefs. And so, I look back on my adolescent self: a young boy who believed in such far-fetched and utopic ideals. The day the United States decided to charge Chelsea Manning was the day when Julian Assange and Edward Snowden concluded, “ [they] would rather be without a state than without a voice”. They flatly refused to continue supporting a government that condemns the truth from being expressed. As a spokesman for wikileaks I have been present throughout all stages of this ‘witch-hunt’ and have learnt that the nature of each individual when exposed in times of conflict is dependent on the values and beliefs that have been instilled in them since a young age. It is the way in which each and everyone of us react and deal with situations that makes me wonder, whether our society is even functioning to its righteous moral standings. A great political activist Thomas Payne once stated, ‘he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death’ and indeed this is the plight of Chelsea Manning today. Ironically, we are taught to admire the people who are honest in nature and strong in belief but clearly this is only the case if they don’t challenge the government of the day. The people, who in times of persecution and struggle, take

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