The Crucible Conflict Analysis

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Very often conflict has the connotation of something bad or something which results negatively. Conflict can become a wild bushfire, spreading and destroying even innocent bystanders who try to avoid it. The tragedy of conflict is that even those who try to stay out of it aren’t any more valued than those who encounter it. Conflict inevitably brings an individual to face moral dilemmas perhaps causing them to reassess their values. Sometimes it happens that, through encountering conflict the individual has a chance to grow, to change and develop as a human being. In some cases, morally strong individuals can withstand the corruption that conflict brings in its wake, showing that conflict may be a catalyst for moral growth, both of individuals…show more content…
Rather than viewing conflict as a threat, the transformative view sees conflict as a valuable opportunity to grow for the better and increase our understanding of ourselves and others. Miller explores the interior landscape of John Proctor who grapples with his conscience in a world that sees him as good when he is not. His character contains a caustic blend of pride and self loathing. He knows the truth of himself as an adulterer, and the fact that his respected face in public is a mask for his real self, heightens his internal battle. The cause of the conflict, his sin of lechery with Abigail destroys his very belief in his own integrity, ‘he is a sinner, a sinner not only against the moral fashion of the time but against his own vision of decent conduct’. The potential for growth is inherent in any theatre of conflict. But that growth can only happen where there is courage and humility and an unswerving commitment to truth. When Elizabeth Proctor is arrested and taken to jail and charged with witchcraft her husband is finally forced to go to Salem to openly declare his adultery in order to discredit Abigail. At this point, there is an almost palpable sense of relief for Proctor, ‘we are as we always were, but naked now, and G-d’s icy wind does blow’, as if something impeding his potential for growth has had last been
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