The Crucible by Carnegie High School Essay

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“The Crucible” Performed by Carnegie High School The play, The Crucible, was performed by the students of Carnegie High School. They did a very good job of portraying the emotions of the characters and keeping the play original while not changing the meaning of the play. Overall the play remained the same. However; they did take out some parts and put in new a couple of new scenes in the play. In the beginning of the play, they added a part when Tituba was performing witchcraft. She was making the girls dance and sing in the woods, and Abigail drank a charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor. This may have been added to attract the audience’s attention, or it could have been to make sure there would be no confusion later on in the play. They also added a scene were John Proctor was yelling at Abigail about the trials. This was put in before he went to Salem to try to free his wife. This scene was obviously incorporated in the play to help the audience have a better understanding of John and Abigail’s past relationship and where they stand during the witch trials. Another scene included was the hanging of John Proctor and after that a short video only with words talking about what happened to the characters after John was hanged. Both of these were added to show the outcome of the characters. Also, for the audience’s benefit, they excluded one part from the play. The part was when Elizabeth Proctor is talking about the rabbit, which foreshadowed her being innocent yet still being accused. The rabbit symbolized how innocent people were being set up and killed during these times. This part was most likely removed because the audience might have not recognized it as foreshadowing element. Also, if it had been kept in the play, they might not think that part is important and might get confused as to why it is part of the play. Some elements that the students of

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