The Crucible As A Metaphor And Analysing Characters

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The title the Crucible is a metaphor in the play. In the context of this metaphor, analyze any 2 or characters of your choice as they enter the crucible, how they are in it and what they are like as they emerge. Using these characters as dramatic constructs, what themes is Miller exploring through them? 'A Crucible is a container which is used to heat metals at a high temperature so the metal can be cast, often using intense pressure to do so. A Crucible is also used to remove impurities from a substance so that only the pure matter remains.' You can see how this directly links to the Crucible and the characters in it. The characters go through a lot of pressure to lie or tell the truth. As I am about to explain, some of the characters come out better, and some obviously worse. This play is based on the salem witch trials in 1950's. John McCarthy conducted witch trials. He done this by accusing American leaders of being communists or communist sympathizers, the people he accused faced loss of employment, destruction of their careers and even imprisonment. McCarthy was very evil. When Miller wrote this play he used it to show the corruption of the witch trials and used the play to represent people in 1950's America, a distinctive allegory. It's obvious that McCarthy represents Abigail in the play as the main source of evil, and the other victims of the trials represents other real people in salem. Abigail is one of the characters that has the most changes in the play. She is a very intermediating girl and she can persuade people very easily. At the start you think she is a nice girl and she is described as beautiful. This changes throughout the play, obviously her appearance doesn't change but she is no longer beautiful when you learn that she has such a sly heart. She gains a lot of authority within the course of the play that she didn't have at the

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