The Crucible Act 2 Scene 2 Essay

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Scene 2 Act 2 In this scene, there is a central conflict between Lewis and Lucy about where their relationship is standing at the time. It is set inside the theater, although, it doesn’t play a large role. What is said is more significant. Lewis was forced to make a decision between the moratorium meeting or staying at Cosi, which could have simply been considered as choosing between Lucy and the patients. Lucy then says to Lewis that ‘these’ people, the patients, have changed him, to her dislike. It goes on to discuss the newly found differences between the two. Lucy is for the Vietnam War. Lewis is more for love and fidelity, the traditional values. It continues to find that Lucy had developed a rather fond relationship with Nick,…show more content…
His ideas and morals have changed and it is the pinpoint of Lewis choosing between Lucy and being political active or the patients. This shows that Lewis likes the mental patients over Lucy. Overtime, he has created a bigger and stronger bond with the characters. This is evident among the patients as well; they too have accepted Lewis and treat him as one of their own. Their strong connection with each other is shown when Roy, at the end of the scene, places his arm over Lewis to cheer him up. It was to show that Lucy and Lewis’ relationship was completely over and Lewis was open to move on. The tone to present Lucy’s point of view comes across as quite strong and vicious. She’s impolite and by referring to the patients as ‘them’ doesn’t really portray her as a friendly and approachable person. Lewis seems not as stern. His more mocking Lucy, saying quotes under his breath to get her even angrier and hyped up. This scene as a whole is very important. It shows a new and better side to Lewis and how much he was able to change. It indicates Lewis’ growth over time. He has given up Lucy and Nick and began a new voyage in his life. There may have been a revolution in Australia but more importantly, there was a revolution in Lewis

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