The Crucible Act 2 Analysis

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e Crucible Act Two Summary Page 1 The setting is the Proctor’s house, the common room (or the living room, as we know it). Elizabeth and Proctor discuss farm business items, while Proctor eats. He tells her he wants to please her, but when he tries to kiss her, she simply “receives it.” He’s disappointed and returns to eat. They continue discussing everyday things, until Proctor suggests that she seems sad. Elizabeth admits that she is worried that he had gone to Salem that day. Proctor says no, he did not go, and she says that Mary Warren had gone. Proctor wants to know why, when he had forbidden her to leave the farm, but Elizabeth says she could not stop her. She is now part of the court in Salem, an “official,” and there are fourteen people in…show more content…
He just knows that if she’s considered a saint now, his word might not be enough. And they were alone when she mentioned it. Elizabeth asks Proctor to confirm whether Abigail and he were alone together. Proctor admits that for a minute they were, but then the others came. Then, Elizabeth realizes, he must have lied to her the first time he told the story. Irritated, he says he won’t have her suspicion anymore. She tells him he should try not to earn it, then. They continue on this conversation. It becomes clear that Proctor wants her to forget Abigail as he has. He feels she doubts him every minute of the day. Elizabeth says she doesn’t judge him, only the “magistrate sits in your heart” judges him. As they argue, Mary Warren enters. When Proctor grabs her by the wrist, she cries out that she’s sick – the proceedings have worn her out – and she hopes Proctor won’t hurt her. He asks her how the proceedings went and in response, Mary goes to Elizabeth and gives her a small rag doll, called a “poppet.” She says she spent many hours making it earlier that day in court and hopes she’ll enjoy it. Elizabeth thanks her. Mary says she’s tired and needs to sleep, but that she’ll
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