The Crucible Essay

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The Crucible The Crucible, is a play, written by Arthur Miller. It takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, during the Salem witch trials. The play follows the people living in Salem and how they react during the turbulent time of the witch trials. The Crucible, undoubtedly written as an allegory to McCarthyism, still has pertinence in modern situations. In The Crucible many different groups are represented by the characters. While these characters represent universal groups: the oppressors, the oppressed and the bystanders. These have a more of a specific meaning for McCarthyism: the oppressors; the people prosecuting the communists. The oppressed; the people who were falsely accused of being a communist. And the bystanders; the people who stood blindly by watching as the injustices were happening, and did nothing to stop them. There are many oppressors in The Crucible. These “oppressors” all seem to have different motives. The Putnums, a wealthy family and like other oppressors, are accusing others for self serving reasons. The Putnums reason is to obtain land that they think is rightfully theirs. The Putnums represent those who use economic opportunity for the reason of accusing others who hold the economic benefits, that these oppressors want. Abigail starts to accuse others for personal reasons, trying to get John Procter to become hers, and then have to keep accusing people to cover up for her lies. She represents those who use personal gain for their reason of accusing others. Unfortunately this was a common reality of McCarthyism. Then there are the ones who represent those who uses personal vendettas against a specific person for their reason for accusing others. This was represented by anyone who accused others like Abigail’s original accused etc. Then, there are the oppressed, which there are to many to name. but the most important would

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