What Is An Overture In The Crucible

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The Crucible Response Journal 1.“What is a crucible? How is it used? Justify Miller’s use of The Crucible as the title for this play.” A crucible is a little pot made from graphite or porcelain substances, used for the heating, melting, or calcining of other substances. Another definition of a crucible is the patience, belief, or trail of something. The events that occur throughout the play “The Crucible”, show how events can be heated up, how situations of supposed witchcraft can be taken out of hand, and how the consequences of the supposed act can ultimately result in death. Miller titles this play “The Crucible” to demonstrate what the accused witches went through; they had to go through a series of tasks that determined whether they had been marked by the devil or not. The title is also very tense, a lot like the events that occur throughout the play. 2. “What is an overture? Why does Miller “use” one in the play? Why is “Echoes Down the Corridor” appropriate as an afterword to the play? “…show more content…
In The Crucible, the first Act of the play is named “An Overture” because it is the beginning of a series of dramatic events that will occur throughout the course of the play. This overture is basically a overview and brief history of what has happened in the past, to prepare the reader for the dramatic events that will occur later in the play. “Echoes Down the Corridor” is an appropriate afterword to the play because is reveals that all the commotion about the witchcraft was actually uncalled for, because in reality there were no witches, and no witchcraft taking place in Salem. It shows that the tension was built up throughout the play for false reasons, but that it will haunt the city of Salem for many years to
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