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Essay #2 Compare/Contrast ENG 099/011 The Creation Every revolving culture has developed creation myths centered on historical interpretation, factual events and cultural influence. The origin of creation through the Book of Genesis is one were most familiar with however different cultures reflect on certain circumstance to support their beliefs or differences.(Bergman) Regional influence caused many to believe embellished and alter facts about history, thus continuing the speculation on the origin of creation. There are common elements in creation myths with cause for the major influence in “people’s frame of reference” (Murtagh). Creationists believe in other events outside the Book of Genesis, however seldom they accept the alternatives as fact. God creating heaven and earth begins the origin of creation to most (Genesis 1:1); however generations have transmitted these events in many ways, showing strong comparisons to some degree. The Greek believed the bird Nyx laid an egg which created god, the earth and sky; whereas the Japanese believed an ocean of mud reached to the sky and created a god. The relationship between humans and animals has varied among the cultures, but the general importance was animal’s equality to humans. The Bushmen of Africa created an underground world where human and animals lived peacefully, God created living creatures to live among man and woman and the Iroquois relied on water animals for the creation of land and opportunity for reproduction. In this essay I plan to discuss the many different aspects of creation myths and how historical facts and cultures have shaped much of society beliefs on the origin of creation. Works Cited Bergman, Jerry. “The Origin of Creation Myths. Creations social Science & Humanities Society-Quarterly Journal.” Web, 26 Sept. 2012 http://www.creationism.og/csshs/v06n2p10.htm

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