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Essay #1 January 25, 2012 Word Count 657 “The Cranes” Literary Analysis “The Cranes” is a short story written by Peter Meinke. The writer consistently uses symbolism throughout the entire story. Meinke chooses whooping cranes to symbolize the relationship between two elderly people. He also uses the birds to depict the couple’s reflection on their lives together. The characteristics of the birds seem to be similar to the couple. They are calm and regal among the grass. The couple appears to be calm and regal in their confidence and age. The writer portrays a variety of emotions in the writing. His creative use of humor and sadness adds a special interest to the story. In a detailed manner, the author describes the physical qualities of whooping cranes. He uses the crane description to symbolize the mood of the couple as well as the couple’s relationship. The birds are described positively from the start as, “tall and stately” (621), while their actions mirror the mood of the couple. For example, “staring motionlessly toward the Gulf” (621), just like the couple. The uniqueness of the cranes is observed when they are compared to other birds. The author states, “They towered above the bobbing egrets and scurrying plovers” (621). This description of the cranes symbolizes the uniqueness of the couple’s relationship, filled with love and lasting forever into the sunset beyond their death. The couple in the writing is able to remain humorous and show their love to each other. Despite the fact the man and the woman feels she is “just a lot of trouble to everybody” (622), they still are able to laugh together at their memories and appreciate their unique relationship. The author’s continued use of symbolism also focuses on the beginning of life. The

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