The Cow Essay

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Betsey the Cow There once was a time when unicorns galloped through the hills and flying pigs soared through the air. All was good in the land of Casadonia. The town’s people went on their daily routines through the market and the animals stood on their land dumbfounded as usual. But not Betsey the cow, she ran through wheat pastures gay as could be. Until suddenly a feeling came upon her and she frantically stopped. Her tail rose and she stuck her nose to the sky. Betsey knew something horrible was going to happen, something that would change Casadonia for the worst. Not a second to spare the clouds turned black, a torturous wind formed, and then all went silent. What seemed like hours was only a few seconds. When everyone opened their eyes they couldn’t believe what they saw. All the town’s people and animals ran around yelling and screaming. The town was a disaster and it would take months and months of hard work to get it back to its original form. People just couldn’t think of a person that would want to destroy Casadonia, this town had no enemies. Betsey the cow finally woke up. She was knocked out an hour longer than everyone else in the town. Betsey stood up and she noticed something was different about her. This feeling couldn’t be seen but deep down she knew something was wrong not with the town but with her. She was very suspicious at the moment and very eager to figure out what was wrong with her. When all of a sudden there was an explosion a small one, but an explosion none the less. She looked behind her and noticed she was leaking from her utters and that is when she finally figured out that her milk is now toxic and whenever it squirts out there’s an explosion! Now, Betsey was determined to find the creator of the bomb that destroyed her town. Walking around the town furiously, Betsey was asking people if they noticed anything different about

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