The Coversion of Constantine Essay

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The Conversion of Constantine and the Fall of the Western Empire During the great Persecution, Constantine became the Empire of Roman, and during his reign, he had a vision; that made him convert to Christianity. The vision give him faith in God and he believe that that sign he received would help him in his battles. And it did, so after that he had the symbol put on all his weapons. In his conversion he issued The “Edit of Milan” saying that all Christian and their followers make Sunday a legal Christian holiday, so that God in heaven would be happy and pleased with their worship and tithes. Constantine was more a Politian, religion was secondary if it worked in his favor then he was happy. He also made sure that his children were raised as Christian and not pagan. The impact if the fall of the western empire on the church, a rise of a new religion, and Christianity was formed. This had a great impact on the western empire because continue their religion as Greeks and other followed Constantinople. Christianity became the official religion and the Christian recognized the emperor as God. Constantine had several creeds, but after the Creed of Athenian, the Christian believe the suggestion that the Lord Jesus posed two nature, divine and human; meaning that our Lord and Savior had two wills but remained as one person. One writer suggest that other element cause the decline. “the undermining of the sanctity of the home; the rapid increase of divorce; the development of huge armaments and the neglect of the enemy within; the moral degeneracy of the whole society-sexual perversion and homosexuality ; and the declension of religious vitality. With formalism supplanting faith and impotence replacing power. Within all this he befitted from Christianity because of the churches had resources and organization. Role of Heretical Christianity was the influence of Vandal

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