The Court in ''as You Like It''

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’As you like it ‘’ Louis Peralta Discuss the significance of the Court • The Court’s corruptness is demonstrated by Oliver’s abuse of power over Orlando who is treated worse than the ‘’horses’ bred in the Orchard and by the prejudice Duke Frederick harbours against Orlando in learning that his father was an ‘’enemy’ of his .In having Duke Frederick prejudge Oliver on the basis of his lineage and banish Rosalind for diverting attention from Celia’s ‘virtuous[ness]’ and ‘bright[ness]’ , Shakespeare paints a picture of a man whose callousness and ‘treason’ emphasise the injustices which pervade the Court .Despite its hostility , the Court thematically develops love through Rosalind’s infatuation with Orlando , fidelity through her sisterly bond with Celia and entertains us with banter about ‘Lady Fortune ‘ and jests practised by Touchstone . • Shakespeare figuratively portrays the Court as a saw capable of sawing through any relationships forged between characters , as emphasised by the heated conflicts which break out between Oliver and Orlando as a result of Orlando’s deprivation of the ‘thousand crowns ‘ his father left him in his very will ; and the feebleness of Rosalind and Duke Senior’s bond which strikingly contrasts with that which she shares so affectionately with Celia .It appears that the root cause of the destruction of such familial relationships is materialism – Rosalind arguably left her father for Celia in knowledge that the Forest would not indulge her with the opulence and grandeur which the Court accommodates so lavishly and Oliver deprived his brother of his due ‘crowns’ out of greed and jealousy at his inborn qualities of gentility and integrity which trounce upon the evils of the Court .Oliver’s superciliousness and later degradation of his brother as an inferior and naïve ‘boy’ reveals the predatory nature of man , the
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