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We’re walking off the coach bus and into the parking lot to get to the obstacle course. The whole surrounding area has a different gravity level so more is available to you. To test out the gravity I flap my arms and am immediately lifted into the sky. As soon as I go up I fall back down though. Amazing. I flap again but this time I continue to flap until I'm soaring through the air. Down below I see my coworkers, my family, watching me fly. I continue looking down and finally notice the reserved parking spaces. Wonder what there for? Random names written on different spaces, almost like a VIP section. Seconds later I get bumped up. Tim just flew up to join me. He says it's time to go down and go over the plan. The course starts as soon as we enter the door and there's no turning back. Landing softly next to each other, Tim and I began to get prepped. Before even stepping off the bus, I was given our first secret item, an undetectable ear piece. It looks just like an inner ear piercing. But now in the parking lot, Tim and I are going over the basic plan. He's going into the maze first followed by me five seconds later. There's two known ways to get through the maze and were each going to be taking a different one. All the appropriate apps have been downloaded to our smart phones and our watches have been synchronized. Lastly it's time to get dressed. Were both wearing wet suits, flame retarded fireman coats and flame retarded cargo pants. On our backs is a bag full of tricks that will be used during the course. We did our homework and basically know what to expect. Tim and I get separated from the others and led to the front entrance. A group of teenagers stand next to the mini rock wall smoking cigarettes. Tim walks in front of me and looks back with a smile before ascending up the rock wall. I watch him climb the ten feet of wall and disappear

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