The Courage of Richard Sarfo

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The Courage of Richard Sarfo Michael Sarfo Kaplan University Adversities are inescapable; it has been part of nature since the beginning of this planet. Considering the fact that we all live in an imperfect world; problems and adversities are inevitable. Most times we master up boldness to overcome adversities in our life. While during these trying times, some people may give up others find the courage within to overcome their adversities. Protecting, defending, speaking up or standing up for your rights in dangerous situations, whether at work or school or anywhere may be a display of courage. A true example of courage was displayed by my father Richard Sarfo a man who was once afraid to speak up for himself or for anyone else. He had to make a very courageous but dangerous decision in his life; a decision that could have him killed. Richard has been through all kinds of hardship and has always fought his way out for the sake of his family. Richard Sarfo is courageous because, he didn’t allow his fear of speaking up stop him from saving peoples life. As a family man Richard overcame adversity in other to provide for his family. Life was difficult in Ghana West Africa. We relied on my mother for everything, including food and rent. Richard will go on dangerous business trips to buy goods from nearby countries to sell them for profit; or he will buy materials cut and style them to create women underwear. These trips were dangerous because armed robbers will hide by the roadside and will stop the buses to rob people of their money and jewelry and if you didn’t cooperate you will be killed. Richard had heard stories about these business trips. He was well aware of the dangers before embarking on his journey. Richards’s bus was stopped by three armed robbers on his way back from a business trip. The armed robbers were young; probably in their late twenty’s. Richard
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