The Count of Monte Cristo- Deception Theme

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Deception William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” is a romantic comedy about young lovers and the circumstances surrounding their relationships. It is a captivating tale that discusses the ideas of love, tragedy and loyalty. Deception is one of the central themes in the story and the reason for the love between Beatrice and Benedick, the romance and problems between Claudio and Hero and the ruse of Hero’s Death. One case of deception occurs between the characters Beatrice and Benedick who serve as a relief from the more serious love in the story. Beatrice and Benedick are longtime adversaries who often engage in battles of wit and both swear that neither will ever fall in love. The first act of deception takes place between them at the masquerade ball. Both are masked and engaged in a conversation but are unaware that they are speaking with each other. They talk of one another in the conversation and both get slightly offended but it causes no further harm in the plot of the story. This provides the audience with a little more humor in the plot. The main form of deception that happens between them is by neither of their doing. The plan is harbored by Don Pedro and his men. The men speak amongst themselves of Beatrice’s love for Benedict knowing that he is nearby listening in. Hero and the other women do the same thing to Beatrice while she is standing nearby. Beatrice and Benedick are surprised by this rumor and a little offended that they have both been given the label of being too proud for love. This deceptive act drives Beatrice and Benedict mad as they both fight with their own feelings of pride versus love. It causes them to even change their own character a little or perhaps just bring out a side of them that the audience has not seen before. Benedict goes from being a proud bachelor to a love sick puppy and Beatrice goes from being stubborn
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