The Corruption Of Mccarthyism In Hollywood

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The disruption of government due to McCarthyism was tumultuous. It caused rivalries within the Senate, there were more appeasement issues from democrats who though they knew McCarthy was being unjust acquiesced to his antics and the FBI committed a number of illegal acts in their investigations of suspected communists. As well as the FBI there were more illegal undercover groups formed to harass communist organizations. The most formalized one was “Cointelpro”. “Cointelpro” actions included planting forged documents to create the suspicion that a key person was an FBI informer, spreading rumours through anonymous letters and leaking information to the press. The COINTELPRO program remained in operation until 1971. Those are just a few…show more content…
This applied particularly to the Hollywood film industry. McCarthyist’s feared that seditious messages towards the U.S. were being incorporated in films that would be seen all around the world. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) interviewed 41 people involved in the Hollywood film industry. 10 of those people (Hollywood 10) were jailed for not answering any of their questions. Even though they were simply accused of having left wing views, but it could not be proven. Others tried to use the amendment to avoid being held in contempt of congress, they were black listed. Many of them were unable to return to their what would have been successful careers. People were jailed, blacklisted; thus suffered financial issues due to loss of employment and even had their passports revoked based on accusations that couldn’t be prove nor for fear they would try to over throw the government just because they had a different political view. Many of these people were innocent of even opposing the government or acting on their views if they did oppose. Their lives were ruined for
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