The Corn Omnivore's Dilemma Summary

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The Corn In the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, Pollan listed all the attributes of corn and its uses. According to him, majority of the foods we eat consist of corn. He said we could find corns in the grocery stores and in some places, we never think to look. According to the book, expenses accrued from planting corn put the farmers in debt. The government also contributed to that. Corn dominated over other crops when some companies like Monsanto started creating different breeds of them that can withstand any obstacles. He also explained how Cargill Company ships the corn after harvested to Mexico. Corn has really become an essential part of America’s culture. The way we utilize it, respect it like in Central America, its characteristics that is similar to human, the farmers that nourished them and helped in its rise all contributed in the way it has become necessary. We can see these from all three chapters. In chapter one, Pollan gave us, a little insight of the section (produce) where we can find corns in supermarkets…show more content…
The compound it creates puts corn at a greater advantage over other plants. For instance, corn can survive anywhere or in any weather conditions. The book talked about how we humans helped in the rise of corn. “In 1492, when Columbus discovered America, he also discovered a new crop they have not seen anywhere before. He took it back to Queen Isabella and today we know it as corn. The botanical name of the plant is Zea Mays, but the common name is corn. They believe that corn originated from Central Mexico to North America and it descended from teosinte, which underwent a series of mutation that turned into corn. The last part of chapter one talked about how corns germinate, reproduce, its female and male organs and the different roles each part plays. For instance, the ear captures

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