The Controversy Surrounding The Death Penalty

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Since the dawn of human society, the death penalty has been used as a form of justice. The death penalty is one of the most controversial topics in the United States due to its finality and severity. Some see capital punishment as the ultimate denial of human rights while others believe it is a necessary deterrent within our justice system. Deterrence and retribution are two key arguments in favor of the death penalty. In contrast, true wrongs do not make a right, and this can be looked at as a cruel form of punishment violating our constitutional rights. When discussing the death penalty and its place in our society today, it is crucial to recognize its importance and historical significance within the justice system, but also the necessity…show more content…
The more severe the crime is, the more severe the punishment should be. Many people believe retribution is necessary, especially in cases of murder. Capital punishment fits the criminal offense of murder. If you kill someone, you should be put to death. It is an “ eye for an eye”. It is the concept in which criminals are disciplined for their actions and they get "what they deserve". However, the severity of the punishment tends to be an issue when dealing with capital punishment. Capital punishment is basically the most severe a punishment can be. One is getting put to death. Their life is over forever. There is no opportunity for rehabilitation, or an opportunity to learn from what they did. Although it may seem that the death penalty is the ultimate punishment, many also believe that the death penalty is not severe…show more content…
If put to death, you are only suffering for a short amount of time. However, while in life imprisonment, one is being punished for the rest of their life. Before Michael Passaro, a convict who killed his daughter, was executed his lawyer stated that, “ He [Passaro] does not see the death sentence as punishment. He sees it as an escape from punishment ". More and more death-row inmates have been volunteering for their executions. Between 1993 and 2002, 75 volunteered for death (2). It can be inferred that many inmates would prefer to die. Life imprisonment is not an easy life. They have to sit in a cell the rest of their life knowing that the world outside of them is progressing and growing.The death penalty may be retribution, but suffering in prison can be an even greater form of punishment. One must consider what life imprisonment has to offer when dealing with capital

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