The Controversy of Environmental Pollution

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The Controversy of Environmental Pollution The environment is everything neighboring us; it is all of our world and all that we see and cannot see. There are two mechanisms we think of in the environment: abiotic components, which deal with light, temperature, and atmospheric gases and biotic components, which deal with living organisms. These mechanisms have a lot of effect on one another. They work nonstop to continue the balance in our environment. A large problem is that humans do a lot of damage to our environment by taking down natural resources including trees and water. Humans are a share of the planets ecosystem. This means that everything we touch will cause disproportion of environment. In turn, our actions affect our world and us. The controversy of environmental pollution has affected our security of economic cost, causes harm to our health, destruction to our structures. To start, when people get illnesses caused by pollutants in our environment, they are forced use their income on their new medical expenses. Expenditures that would never have come to be if not for the lack of care for the environment. This leads to more spending and a lower standard of living for the family. Money that was used for the “extras in life” would go to medical needs. This also causes the government to have more costs. As people get illnesses, the government needs to devote more spending on health care and health related expenses. When the government spend more money on health care, we lose money in other places. This causes our standards to drop because there isn’t money for other things. The money which was spent on getting people well and providing health care could have been used for other means. We are essentially wasting money when we do not take care of our environment. Second, pollution of the environment harms our health. People all over the world get many
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